Religious Observance

We are a secular school community which is rich in diversity. We have students and families of all faiths and no faith, and we wish to show equal respect to all and celebrate differences whilst maintaining our inclusive ethos. All identities have equal protection in our school.

We see school as a place to learn, including about the religions of the world, and promote respect and tolerance for all. We learn and celebrate that, in principle, the different faiths have an enormous amount in common in promoting positive values and cultures. We also actively encourage all students to mix with a diverse range of other students to encourage community cohesion.

We have provided a quiet room which is available at break and lunch for anyone who requires space to think, meditate or observe their religion. We have done this in consultation with our parent body. We are also currently able to provide a larger space for Friday lunchtime. Due to this extra provision, we discourage students from being removed from school to observe their religion. Should this change, we will ensure families are informed. These spaces are open to all students and are supervised by a member of staff.  These spaces are only available during break and lunch.

In modern Britain there are a mix of national holidays, some of which have a background in the Christian tradition of the UK, such as Christmas, Easter and Whitsun, and others with other histories such as Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and May Day. As a secular school, we refer to them by these names but do not promote any religious aspects of the celebrations. For example, at Christmas we do not have songs or readings which promote Christianity; they are secular in nature, not faith based, and inclusive of all our student body, in order to support community cohesion.

Our uniform policy is designed to allow religious expression whilst maintaining community cohesion and support health and safety requirements. All uniform decisions take into account the views of national religious bodies such as the Muslim Council of Britain and the Hindu Council UK.

If you wish to speak to me about this either individually or as a group, please contact Mr Corbett, Headteacher