Reading at ICC

Reading is of the utmost importance across the curriculum at Ifield Community College. Throughout their time here, students are introduced to a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction texts written by inspiring authors from a variety of races, genders and cultures. Contemporary authors are explored alongside those from our rich literary heritage. We want students to see themselves and their histories written in published texts; to be inspired to create their own texts and have their own voices heard.

Reading is celebrated across the school in all subjects; books are shared in tutor time book clubs, library lessons and English classes, with students being encouraged to read aloud and share their views. Our library regularly changes its physical and online displays to showcase texts that are written by, and spotlight, a range of peoples and genres including Black History Month, authors of colour, LGBTQ, athletes, humour and ‘banned books’. Students and staff are also encouraged to write book reviews with the chance of having them published in the library newsletter!

Through reading, our students become empathetic, informed and inspired. We encourage students to explore themes and ideas, to respond sensitively to global issues and to raise their awareness of a range of cultures and themselves. We combine the studying of texts with regular enrichment activities such as theatre trips, library visits and writing competitions judged by published authors. We also support reading through Accelerated Reader (please see the AR tab for further information).

Working in partnership with families, we encourage students to read at home. Some ideas of what you can do to help your child are:

  • reading the same book,
  • listening to them reading aloud,
  • sharing reading a page each aloud,
  • signing up to free online news sites for articles,
  • asking questions about their books
  • and creating screen free time.

Please let us know if you would like us to order extra copies of any book into our library.

We aim to pass on our enthusiasm for reading and inspire a lifelong love of literature to each and every student at Ifield Community College.