Parents’ Consultation Evenings and Progress Review Days

Year Group Event Date
Year 7 Mentor Evening,  4-7pm – Face to Face

Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4-7pm – Face to Face

Thursday 12th October

Thursday 4th May

Year 8 Parents’ Consultation Evening,4-7pm – Virtual Thursday 25th January
Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4-7pm – Face to Face Thursday 6th June
Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4-7pm – Virtual Thursday 7th March
Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4-7pm – Virtual

Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4-7pm – Face to Face

Thursday 11th January

Thursday 18th April

Sixth Form Parents’ Consultation Evening, 4-7pm – Virtual Wednesday 29th March

Virtual Progress Review Days

Friday 24th November 2023*

Wednesday 27th March 2024*

Thursday 4th July 2024* Cancelled

* Students attend lessons P1-3

Progress Review Day Information

Progress Review Day (PRD) is an opportunity for students to reflect on their progress across all subjects. As noted in our school handbook we have altered the way we hold our PRD’s.

On calendared PRD’s, all students will spend some time in their morning mentor session reflecting on their progress and setting themselves targets for future improvement. Normal lessons will take place during periods 1-3The school timetable will then be suspended from 12.15pm and students will be dismissed.

Progress review meetings will be scheduled between 1pm and 3pm for any students that have been identified as needing further support and intervention by their progress leader. In this instance, parents, carers and students will be invited to book and attend a 10-minute appointment that will be held online via our Parents’ Evening System. Meetings will be set up with either your child’s mentor, progress leader, pastoral manager, or a member of the senior leadership team. Students are strongly encouraged to attend their appointment alongside their parents/carers where possible.

Students who are not required to attend a meeting will be provided with an enrichment activity to complete at home.

How and when will parents/carers and students know if they have been invited to attend a meeting?

Invitation to book a meeting will be based on the most up-to-date assessment data and, therefore, parents and carers will be contacted to book appointments closer to the event. We recognise and appreciate that you will require time to make the necessary arrangements to attend a meeting, which is why we are informing you in advance that this may be a possibility. We hope that this will enable you to make provisional arrangements so that you are able to attend should you be invited to book a meeting.

Finally, we would like to reassure parents and carers that students may be identified as benefiting from a meeting for a variety of reasons and the sole purpose is to provide the opportunity for further guidance and deeper reflection on their progress in school.

Parents’ Consultation Evenings Information

This is an opportunity for you to meet each of your child’s subject teachers to receive feedback on their progress and to ask subject specific questions.  There is one parents’ consultation evening a year with an additional evening for Year 7 in the autumn to ensure your child has settled in to school life successfully, and additional evening for Year 11.  Students are to attend the appointment in full school uniform.

Appointments for Progress Review Days and Parents’ Consultation Evenings are booked online through Parents’ Evening System.

How to book an appointment/virtual appointment: 

We use a system called Parents’ Evening Manager to book appointments online. To be able to book an appointment, you must be registered as a primary contact on our school records.

We will notify parents/carers in advance by email and on social media when a Parents’ Consultation Evening/Progress Review Day is coming up and when bookings will become available online for you to book.

To access and book your appointment, please click here.

For a guide to booking your appointment, please click here or click on the following link for videos and troubleshooting help:

Your virtual appointment:

During the winter hours, we will be conducting 5-minute appointments for Parents’ Consultation Evenings and 9-minute appointments on Progress Review Days online via a video link.

Please ensure you have a camera and audio.

On the day of the video appointments, log in to the Parents’ Evening System.

Once logged in, you will see a notice that you have upcoming video appointments and under this the details of the event, along with a Join Video Appointments button. This will become available 60 minutes before your first appointment.

Please note, that if you delay starting a call, it does not extend the duration for that appointment. The appointment will always end at the scheduled time.

For help, please click, to view a troubleshooting guide.

If you have difficulty accessing Parents Evening Manager, it may be the information you are entering does not match what is held on our school records, please email or call the school on 01293 420500 where we will be able to assist you further.