ICC is a cashless school, parents/carers are able to make online payments towards  their child’s food and drink during break and lunchtime, trips, excursions, residential trips, theatre trips and resources through ParentPay.  When students start at ICC, parents/carers will be provided with details on how to register to make on-line payments through ParentPay

Students have the option of adding money to their accounts by using the terminal by the mobile unit.

Students will have their fingerprint taken for identification. When the child places his/her finger on the scanner, the software matches their fingerprint with the unique digital signature held in the database.

As parents, you will also be able to monitor the amount your child is spending on a daily basis. This ensures all transactions are fast, efficient and personal to the individual student. This also eliminates the need for students to carry money around with them.

Please see Catering for more information about Biometrics.

For Year 7 students joining us in September, you should have filled in the necessary paperwork in the Welcome packs. For students to be able to use the catering biometric machines we will require students submitting their finger print so that the machines recognise them when they either deposit money in the machines or use the cashless tills.

If you have queries please call Mrs Williams on 01293 420500 or email