Medical Information

Our Medical Room is to primarily provide basic first aid to a student who is injured or suddenly taken ill during the school day. It is equipped to deal with most basic first aid requirements.

The Medical room should not be seen or used as an alternative to or extension of a GP surgery, health clinic or hospital. For students with medical conditions or injuries/illnesses that have occurred out of school your first point of contact should be your GP or Urgent treatment centre. In line with Government Guidelines, we would ask that students are not sent to school when they are clearly unwell or infectious.

The medical room is only open at break and lunchtime. Students are made aware that all non-emergency visits should be made during these times. The Medical room is staffed during these times only. If a student needs a First Aider then they will need to inform their class teacher who will make a decision as to whether they will call for a first aider or if they are well enough to wait until break time or lunchtime.

If a student was to become so unwell that, they are unable to continue with their lesson and the teacher feels they need to go home immediately then they will call for a First Aider. The First Aider will assess the student’s medical needs and will treat accordingly.

Depending on what the accident/illness is, primarily we will try to manage it within school. If a student is unwell and is unable to remain in school, the First Aider will contact a parent/carer to collect the student. Students must not contact their parents/ carers via their mobile phone during school hours. Should they feel unwell, they must speak to a member of staff. Failure to follow this policy will result in a C3 being issued.

If a student is suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea they should not return to school for 48 hours. However if the student is suffering from sickness due to heat, migraine etc and parents/carers feel they are well enough they may return to school sooner. To view parent guide see here.

Information Required When Starting at ICC

Parents/Carers have primary responsibility for their child’s health. When students start with us at ICC, parents/carers are required to complete a Health Care Plan informing the school of any known medical conditions. If a student has a specific medical condition and is under the care of a hospital or Specialist then we asked that you provide us with copies of any communication to enable us to fully support the student within school.

It is vital that we are made aware of any changes to a student’s health with immediate effect, preferably in writing and always from a parent/carer or health professional. All information provided will be stored securely and confidentially. A copy of our Healthcare form can be found by following this link.

All staff are informed of any students in school with existing medical conditions .This information is treated confidentially and respectfully.


Students must not carry any form of medication on their person during the school day. This does not included asthma inhalers; students are encouraged to carry their own inhaler.

All medical appointments during the school day will require a note beforehand from their parent/carers. This must be shown to your child’s Progress Leader during Am registration. All students must sign out at receptionist when leaving. If they return to school the same day, you must sign back in at Reception.

Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Medication

Medicine should only be brought to school when it is essential to administer it during the school day.  In the vast majority of cases, doses of medicine can be arranged around the school day thus avoiding the need for medicine in school.

Should a student require medication to be taken during the school day it must be prescribed by/supported by a medical practitioner. Parental consent is required for the administration of prescribed and non-prescribed medication.  All medication must be accompanied by a completed medical authorisation form. Please note that no medication will be administered without a completed authorisation form.

Please refer to our Managing Medicines Policy below for full details.

HPV & Teenage Booster Vaccination Programme

All of our Year 8 and Year 9 female students are offered the opportunity to participate in the HPV (Human papillomavirus) Programme. This is a routine childhood immunisation offered by the NHS and is given to protect girls against the two types of human papillomavirus that case most cases (over 70%) of cervical cancer.

In addition to this all of our Year 9 students are offered the opportunity to participate in the teenage booster vaccination programme. Also known as, the 3-in-1 or the Td/IPV vaccine. It is given to boost protection against 3 separate diseases: tetanus, diphtheria and polio.  This will usually be given at ICC (In Year 9) at the same time as the MenACWY vaccine to prevent meningitis and septicaemia.

All vaccinations are administered in school by the Immunisation Team.

Crutches and Wheelchairs

Should a student be required to use crutches/a wheelchair for any length of time whilst they are in school, following an injury/ongoing medical condition, and on the advice of a medical practitioner, please inform either your child’s Progress Leader or Pastoral Manager in advance of them attending school.

This is to ensure appropriate support can be put in place following a Health and Safety Risk Assessment and guidance given on what to do in the event of an Emergency Evacuation/Fire Drill.

School Uniform

If a student has been advised to wear non-uniform footwear due to a medical condition or serious injury then a note from a medical practitioner must be provided. The non-uniform footwear must be black.

School Nurse

ICC is covered by the Healthy Child Programme service provided by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. The School Nurse is able to support students, staff and parents with concerns about children and young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing in or out of school. It is a confidential service. If you would like to speak to the School Nurse, you can contact them directly at Crawley Hospital on 01293 600300 ext 3266 /1723 or via your child’s Progress Leader, pastoral support or the medical room.

The School Nursing service also runs ‘Chat Health’, a text messaging service for young people aged 11-19. This service is manned 9-4:30 Monday to Friday on a rota by Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (School Nurses).  We receive a variety of queries ranging from physical to mental health e.g. relationships, bullying, mental health, self-harm, healthy eating, drugs, alcohol, smoking, safer sex etc. The number for this is 07480 635424 and there are posters and cards in school advertising this.

Healthy U Drop In @Crawley Find it Out Centre

Would you like health information, advice and guidance? – School Nurses from the Crawley Healthy Child Programme team will be at the Crawley Find It Out Centre, Centenary House, Woodfield Road RH10 8GP every Monday during every school holiday between 12 and 4pm.You can either “drop in” and see us or make an appointment on 01293 843327.