Home School Agreement

When starting ICC either through the transition programme or through an in-year admission, students and parents are requested to sign a home school agreement which clarifies the high standards we expect from all our students.

By signing the admission form, both parent and student confirm that they agree to the terms set out in Home School Agreement.

We believe strongly that young people perform at their best when rules on behaviour and respect are applied consistently and everyone works together. The close involvement of parents, students and school staff in partnership is vital for this to be successfully achieved.

Ifield Community College – Home School Agreement

Each child’s success is a product of the working relationship between school, parent/carer and student. To ensure

The school will

  • Provide a learning environment that is stimulating, safe and caring
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Ensure that each pupil has the opportunities, support and guidance to achieve their full potential
  • Feedback regularly on each pupil’s progress
  •  Expect high standards, set clear rules, promote mutual respect and develop a sense of responsibility
  • Keep parent/carers informed about school matters, be welcoming to enquiries and responsive to concerns
  • Record and reward good behaviour, effort, progress and performance
  • Offer extra-curricular activities that will develop broader skills to prepare for life and the world of wor
  • Uphold standards of behaviour with appropriate consequence
  • Inform you of rewards and sanctions

As a parent/carer we will

  • Ensure my/our child attends school in correct uniform, arrives on time and is properly equipped for school
  • Encourage my/our child to work hard and support them in homework and reading
  • Attend parents’ consultation evenings and progress review days whenever possible
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines as outlined in the school website and parents’ handbook
  • Allow my/our child to attend off-site visits
  • Agree to the sanction policy of the school and support its implementation
  • Make sure that time is not taken out of school unless it is unavoidable
  • Encourage my/our child to participate in the extracurricular opportunities offered by the school
  • Inform the school of any relevant information regarding my/our child

As a student I will

  • Be a proud and positive ambassador for ICC
  • Work hard in class and at home, so that I can achieve my full potential
  • Treat others as I would wish to be treated
  • Put the needs of others before my own
  • Attend the school in correct uniform, be on time and be properly equipped
  • Meet the expectations of BFL, behave responsibly and be respectful to others in the school and in the wider community
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities offered by the school
  • Care for the environment – in and out of school · Complete homework on time
  • Attend detentions and isolation if necessary
  • Be someone others can be proud of