Headteacher’s Virtual Drop-in Surgeries

Commencing from Wednesday 24th November 2023, Mr Corbett will be holding virtual drop-in surgeries for parents and carers. This is an opportunity to meet with Mr Corbett and share your views and ask any questions in relation to the school. I will be available for a virtual appointment on the following dates:

Friday 24th November 12:30-3pm

Wednesday 10th January 3-4:30pm

Wednesday 28th February 3-4:30pm

Wednesday 27th March 12:30-3pm

Wednesday 8th May 3-4:30pm

Thursday 4th July 12:30-3pm

We have found these drop-in surgeries beneficial and hope that parents and carers will find them useful. It is always a challenge in a large secondary school to maintain effective communication between the Headteacher and all the families that Ifield Community College serves.

These appointments are not compulsory, parents and carers do not have to book an appointment unless they wish to share their views or ask any questions in relation to the school.

To make an appointment, please email Mr Corbett’s PA, Ms Brown on cbrown@ifieldcc.co.uk giving a brief summary of what you would like to discuss. The virtual appointment slots are for 10 minutes, if you feel you need a longer appointment, please inform Ms Brown when making your appointment. Once we have confirmed your appointment, Mr Corbett will send you an email invite to join the virtual appointment via MS Teams.

If at any time we have to move a surgery, we will keep you informed.