Behaviour for Learning

The school believes in rewarding good behaviour and attitudes to learning, whilst also providing consequences for poor learning choices to encourage good learning behaviours.

We have produced a simple set of expectations, which are used in every classroom to reward and reinforce positive choices and to ensure that any disruption is challenged fairly but swiftly so lessons progress well.

Students that have shown hard work, positive choices and have a good attendance record are rewarded with reward points. Students that have accumulated enough points have the opportunity to attend a Reward Event at the end of each half-term.

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Classroom Expectations

  • Listen to the teacher and each other
  • Focus on your learning and do not stop others learning
  • Arrive on time, in uniform
  • Be equipped for the lesson
  • Follow instructions without challenge
  • Use appropriate and respectful language
  • No phones, music players or gum


Reward Explanation
R1 Meeting classroom expectations
R2 Good work, effort or contributions to lessons
R3 Consistent high effort in class or with homework
R4 Outstanding work in a lesson or across several lessons
R5 Great extended work, work over a series of lessons or meeting targets

Rewards accumulate and every half-term those who have made positive choices and attended school well will be rewarded.


Consequence Explanation
C1 Verbal warning
C2 Final verbal warning
C3 Whole school detention (45 mins)
C4 Removal from lesson. Isolation in AP the following day will result.

This is not for discussion in the lesson. No explanation is necessary in the lesson. Consequences cannot be ‘worked off’ or negotiated.